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Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Body language expert reveals what Princess Diana REALLY said in engagement interview

One of the most memorable lines to come out of the pair’s interview was from Prince Charles, who when asked if he was in love with Princess Diana answered, “Whatever in love means”. But body language expert Robin Kermode has decoded the whole interview. 

He told “It is particularly poignant to revisit the famous engagement interview after 36 years. We shouldn’t forget the scale of the media pressure on these two young people – a pressure that most of us couldn’t possibly handle.

“If we look at these clips from a body language perspective, we must be aware of the historic lens we watch it through. The manner and style of the interviewer’s questions, and of their responses, seem almost from another world.”

On a body language level, Robin always finds it interesting to watch someone when they are not speaking – even more so when they are not speaking and they are being spoken about. 

He explained: “The reactions we have to what someone else says about us can be very revealing.

“As our facial muscles are busier when we’re speaking, we can put on a ‘mask’ or a ‘front’ quite easily, but having to listen to comments about ourselves when we are trying to be still will reveal lots of little signals.

“Some of the clips appear to show a contrast between Charles and Diana. Charles looks assured while Diana often looks sadder when she is listening – her lips and mouth are held together, here eyebrows lifted and her cheeks pushed forward with watery eyes.” 

In the interview itself, Robin notes Charles rarely answers a question first but defers to Diana most of the time. He says the famous, ‘Whatever in love means’ clip is interesting as Charles does not answer first but immediately turns to Diana for reassurance. 

Robin said: “I think one of the most interesting phrases from Charles was the use of the word ‘business’ when asked about their courtship. He then spends several moments looking down avoiding the camera. His lip corner pull inwards and then his mouth is pulled tight and upwards suggesting sadness. We know that big decisions, like red, trigger emotions and sadness and joy can often be mixed together.

“When Charles was asked about the proposal, Diana smiles, pulling her lips up and forward indicating she expected the engagement. This becomes almost a wry smile as if to say, ‘I wonder if he will tell the actual story here’. Then as Charles continues to speak, her look changes – her lip corners are pulled right down and tight, her jaw is pushed forward and she takes her eyes away from him.” 

The final question asked in the interview, ‘How can you sum up how you feel today?’ is fascinating, according to Robyn. 

He said: “Diana moves her eyes straight away, down and left away from Charles – again as if to say, ‘I wonder what he will say here’. 

“Before Charles answers, his jaw is slack and forward and his lips are held tightly before shaking his head from side to side in the way you’d normally say ‘no’, before saying ‘it’s difficult to find the right words isn’t it?’ Diana, instead of answering fully as she has been doing in the interview, just mumble a soft agreement of ‘Mmmm’. Charles continues, ‘just…delighted and happy’. 

“He seems to deflect the moment by scratching his nose for the second time in the interview and saying how amazed he was that she agreed to take him on. 

“Overall, I found this clip extremely difficult to watch again with the hindsight of history. I’m sure that most of us would find it extremely difficult if our past was played back to us in detail through the mists of time. My heart goes out to them both.” 

Robin Kermode is a popular keynote speaker and one of Europe’s leading communication coaches. He is the founder of Zone2, a professional training and coaching consultancy: Robin is the author of SPEAK SO YOUR AUDIENCE WILL LISTEN – 7 Steps to Confident and Authentic Public Speaking:

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