Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Kate Middleton pregnant latest update: Duchess to step out with royal baby bump TODAY

  • Kate Middleton, 35, and Prince William, 35, are expecting their third child together.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William already have two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.
  • The baby will be the latest addition to the Royal Family, and the sixth great-grandchild for the Queen.
  • A royal expert has revealed who he thinks Kate and William will choose to be godparents.

Tuesday 10 October, 2017: 2:34pm 

Kate Middleton is famed for her long, thick hair. Now the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child, will her hair change thanks to hormones? 

Johanne Herald, Senior Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons explained how pregnancy affects a woman’s hair. 

She said: “On average women lose around 50-250 hairs a day, regardless if their hair is thick or fine. As well as the daily ‘shred’ every few years women will go through a cycle lasting about three months where they will find hair ‘everywhere’, these cycles occur about 25 times in a lifetime 

“After giving birth or when stopping breast feeding, women will experience one of the ‘hair everywhere’ cycles. 

“Some women may not notice this as much and will only realise once they find short bits of hair (new hair) around their hairline. 

“As annoying as this can be, it is a great sign that the hair lost has reproduced from the follicle and will grow.”

Tuesday 10 October, 2017: 11:30am 

What will Kate and William name their new baby? Bookmakers have been taking bets on a third royal baby for the last few weeks, with rumours of the Duchess’s pregnancy rife. 

But after today’s announcement what are the latest odds on the royal baby’s name?

Bookmaker Coral has opened betting on the name of their third baby, and make Alice the 7-1 favourite.

Tuesday 10 October, 2017: 10:35am 

Kate and William were warned to watch out for behaviour problems, known as ‘middle child syndrome’, with Princess Charlotte when their new baby is born.

Sue Atkins, author of Parenting Made Easy: How To Raise Happy Children, said having a third child was more of a challenge but also a time of great excitement.

Tuesday 10 October, 2017: 9:10am

Rumours that Kate is hoping to have a home birth has caused a surge in the number of women asking to give birth at home.

The NHS said: “Giving birth is generally safe wherever you choose to have your baby. 

“However, for women having their first baby, home birth slightly increases the risk of a poor outcome for the baby (from five in 1,000 for a hospital birth to nine in 1,000 – almost 1 per cent – for a home birth).”


Kate Middleton, 35, has not been seen in public for almost one month since making her pregnancy announcement on September 1. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has had to cancel her royal duties due to a case of severe morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. 

Her husband Prince William, 35, has attended a number of events alone. 

It is the third time Kate has suffered with the condition while being pregnant – she was hospitalised with it in 2012 while pregnant with her son Prince George, 4, and endured it during her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, 2.

But today, the Duchess is expected to make a one-hour appearance with Prince William and her brother-in-law Prince Harry at a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the contribution of those working in the mental health sector across the UK.

The three royal launchd the Heads Together campaign last year to encourage families to have conservations about mental health. 

Kate Middleton’s serious morning sickness has cleared up, according to a source close to the family. The family sure said Kate is “out of the woods”, since it was revealed the Duchess was pregnant again.

The NHS said: “Hyperemesis gravidarum is much worse than the normal nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

“Signs and symptoms of HG include prolonged and severe nausea and vomiting – some women report being sick up to 50 times a day.

“Unlike regular pregnancy sickness, HG may not get better by 14 weeks. It may not clear up completely until the baby is born, although some symptoms may improve at around 20 weeks.”

Thankfully, according to the source’s comments reported by 9Honey news, Kate seems to be doing better.

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