Published On: Sat, May 13th, 2017

King Charles III: Did new BBC drama predict THIS about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

The new BBC Two show takes place in an imagined future, with Prince Charles acceding to the throne after the death of the Queen. 

Chaos erupts with King Charles refuses to sign into law a controversial bill that would limit the freedom of the press. 

He asked the prime minister to make changes to the bill, but the prime minister won’t budge. 

The PM threatens to pass a new law that would allow him to bypass oral assent, but before he can so do King Charles dissolves Parliament, and citizens riot across the country. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry (Richard Goulding), begins dating a British republican named Jess Edwards (Tamara Lawrence), who becomes a victim of major press intrusion when their relationship becomes public knowledge. 

To many, the storyline may seem reminiscent of the real-life love story between 35-year-old Meghan Markle and 32-year-old Prince Harry. 

Back in November of last year, the prince issued a statement condemning the intrusion into his girlfriend’s private life. 

The fictional plot pre-existed the real news story by three years, with Harry’s similar predicament first dramatised in the stage version of King Charles III by Mike Bartlett, back in 2014. 

The stars of the show are even astounded by the eery similarity. 

Prince Harry actor Richard Goulding told “This Meghan Markle is a very different person from the girl that Harry meets in the story, but Harry’s outburst against the press attention on it is amazingly, exactly timed.

“It’s amazing that Harry has felt strongly enough to do that in real life. I don’t know how helpful it was for him, or her, but obviously there is a huge strength of feeling there in him which ties in exactly with his emotional turmoil in this story.” 

According to the actors, Harry’s statement hit the headlines the day before the first read through of the TV version of the play. 

Richard added: “So it’s not a sort of, ‘Ooh, hooray, we’re right!’ It’s more, ‘This isn’t just a fantasy, it’s not just an idle bit of storytelling, using the royal family as a vehicle, it actually feels important’.” 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been officially dating for month snow, and with the romance steadily getting more serious, engagement rumours have been circulating.  

Being member of the royal family, Harry has access to some of he most coveted jewels in the world including the former engagement rings of royal family members. 

But is he does propose, which ring will Harry present to his potential bride-to-be? 

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