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Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

WATCH: Terrifying moment a FIREWORK lands next to a group of friends

A group of friends enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company decided to mark the occasion by setting off a firework. 

Unfortunately, the group of girls didn’t abide by the safety rules. 

They placed the firework just inches away from where they were sitting, and one of the girls lit it while others watched on. 

As soon as the firework was lit the girl with the lighter turned away from it but was still only a short distance away. 

A couple of the other girls hid the bottoms of their faces in their jumper necks, and one even grabbed a seat cushion and placed it over her head. 

A few seconds later, the rocket flew into the air but the day’s events quickly went downhill from there. 

Part of the firework immediately fell back down to the ground and a thick cloud of smoke covered the garden. 

Quickly realising what was about to happen, the girls got up from the bench they were sitting on and ran as fast as they could away. 

Seconds later a large explosion can be seen on camera, and the person filming from a top window retreats inside. 

The UK Fireworks Safety Website has advice for those planning a garden firework display. 

It advises: “Think ahead and be prepared before you start, make sure you’ll be giving yourself enough room in a safe place to get to and from your box of fireworks while the display’s going on. 

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